Taleban vs. Robot
Guide your fierce Taleban soldier through a maze filled with malevolent killer robots.
Inspired by Bomber Man.
Online Blitz Chess
Play blitz chess (5+5 minute game) against the computer or other players across the network.
Mr. Hopwit and the Mysterious Maze
Collect all stars in an ever-changing maze while avoiding the evil monsters.
No Hats
Little Java platform game inspired by ice cream, donkey kong, doctor who and many other things.
Spacerace to Timbuktu
Classic shooter inspired by great games such as Arcadia, Galaga and Xenon.
Mr. Platfoot
Guide the great mr. Platfoot through a mind-boggling maze filled with dangers, puzzles and surprises.
Erik vs. Erik
Guide the good Commerade Erik through a mysterious maze filled with evil twins. Build the missing rectangles, watch your enemies cruble and proceed to yet another level.
Mr. Hopwit hits the Roof
This time the evil Omfufu has taken the stolen stars and hidden them well away in secret boxes.
Inspired by Nintendo's Mario brothers.
Minor Bug
Eat up memory units with your minor computer bug while avoiding the work eager IT-consultants. Use the sliding doors smartly and maybe hack up a graphics adapter.
Online Othello
Play Othello (reversi) against the computer or other players across the network.
Web games for all sizes and ages. Sun's Java plugin recommended. Any problems or comments? Then contact me. Or visit my homepage.